Re: Debra Vajcner., MS. L.M.F.T. and EMDR

To whom it may Concern:

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Debra Vajcner for three months as a client for her unique and effective therapy. Within her professional setting she has demonstrated to me a level of excellence and high competency which have earned Debra my complete trust and respect.

Through Debra’s recommendation, I underwent EMDR; though admittedly, I was both reluctant and quite skeptical of the process. There were past issues to be dealt with, which were having a profound and direct negative impact on the business that I owned. The experience was personally groundbreaking for me. Because of EMDR conducted through Debra Vajcner, I was again able to seize and recapture the very passion and edge, which motivated my entrepreneurial spirit in the first place. Within a week of having undergone EMDR, I closed over $35,000.00 in new business and am poised to be awarded additional projects, which will total well into the six figures.

In case anyone is mistaken, EMDR is anything but a “get rich quick” therapy. Rather, what I’ve discovered is that it is a process that frees the individual to experience “wholeness” and a sense of self worth, which allows the person to proceed quickly toward their truest actualization. When combined with therapy, it is in my opinion astoundingly effective. For me personally, the lesson was not so much one of realizing additional income, but rather expanding, validating and continuing to realize my goal as an artist whose vocation is to create meaningful media.

It is my sincerest hope that this testimonial can serve to help so many others who could benefit great from Debra’s unique knowledge and extraordinary gifts.

David B.


EMDR. What a lifesaving process! I tried a traditional psychologist once a week for more than five years, then a psychiatrist for another decade, all to resolve my depression, overeating and subsequent morbid obesity. I just keep getting fatter and sadder, even after years on anti-depressants.

I knew I had an emotional hunger inside me, but I couldn’t fix it, not even with the help of those two doctors, and two more Bariatric surgeons, a plastic surgeon, and weight-loss specialists at Weight Watchers, Lindora, NutriSystems, Bally’s, personal trainers, Yoga, and more.. I still couldn’t control my need to overeat and to stuff myself to avoid my own emotional pain… It was a vicious cycle and I didn’t even really know what caused it.

My quest was to find out why I was always so sad at my core and why I had to grab food to keep soothing and filling that empty spot in my soul. But after two sessions with Debra Vajcner, a licensed family therapist and EMDR practitioner, she did what all the others could not do. My issue was resolved immediately. My inner peace came back. I felt like I was reborn. Debra helped me get to the heart of my deepest core sadness – and fixed my slavery to food with EMDR.

Unlike traditional therapy, we didn’t rehash old wounds again and again, session after session, but instead reviewed the old traumatic memories once. Then with eye movement exercises, led by Debra, those scenes in my mind came alive and I could feel the sounds and emotions of the past, almost as if I were living in the past again. It was scary, weird and amazing all at the same time. Debra then assisted me as we rewrote and re-visualized the endings to my saddest moments together. I had two bad memories, so it took two sessions to get rid of them both. I don’t know why, but these EMDR sessions with Debra made all the difference. I came out of each session a totally different and happy person. Now I no longer feel the need to stuff myself with excess food. I can’t even feel that emptiness anymore. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel well grounded and calm for the first time in years. And funny, later, when I tried to go back to my old familiar corner to curl up and feel sorry for myself again (out of that old habit), I couldn’t do it because those sad feelings and memories that weighted me down all those years (in more ways than one) weren’t even in my subconscious anymore! They totally disappeared and were replaced with the new Disneyland-like endings that I wrote. The bad memories no longer haunted me.

Yes. EMDR is a miracle. It changed my most horrible memories into my most cherished memories. Debra is a miracle worker. My compulsion to overeat is, for the most part gone too. I won’t say I never overeat now. I still might have a chocolate chip cookie, here and there, but the difference is, now I don’t need to eat the whole bag in one sitting. Now the thought of eating a whole bag of cookies or chips seems just ludicrous to me. Thanks to Debra and EMDR, now my eating patterns are much more normal and the extra weight is slowly and naturally coming off. It is not something I even worry about anymore because I eat and feel so NORMAL…Food is no longer an obsession. Oh, and I also quit all my anti-depressants. I don’t need them anymore. For me, EMDR was the answer I was searching for all those years. It solved the torment in my soul.

Thank you Debra.


This letter was printed in the News and Views Newsletter from the Orange County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (OC CAMFT)

The purpose of this letter is to begin what should be a very earnest tribute to a hard working group of men and women without whom we wouldn’t even be a chapter. The number of members who deserve a tribute is much too long to print. But I want to pay a personal tribute to two of you: first, Stephani Thal, who just finished her term as President of our State CAMFT.

The other person to whom I may owe my life is Debra Vajcner, who has been serving our Chapter in almost every Directorship available on the Board. Recently, I developed a rectal cancer. I am a firm believer in the use of western medicine along with the power of the mind over the body. I use hypnosis, guided imagery, and EMDR. I used all those techniques to help myself, soon learned, as our clients/patients learn, that I needed help. Knowing of Debra’s expertise, I called her for help. When I was first diagnosed, the pictures had shown the cancer to be about the size of a walnut. However, the latest pictures had shown the cancer to have doubled in size. Knowing Debra’s expertise with EMDR, I called her for an appointment. She offered to come to my office, which she did. We worked together for two hours trying to eliminate the cancer, but the best my imagery would do was reduce the size to that of a walnut, the first diagnosis. As in every kind of MFT, a patient does the work of changing, the therapist is the counselor, teacher, and guide. The patient is the magician who brings about change, under the guidance and expertise of the therapist.

After the surgery, the surgeon’s assistant told me the cancer was indeed about the size of a walnut, and no further treatment was needed. Thank you, Debra.

(signed) Ruth S. Purdy, Ph.D. and LMFT

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